Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Conference on the Work of Giovanni Arrighi

"Dynamics of the Global Crisis, Anti-Systemic Movements and New Models of Hegemony"

"Dinámica de la crisis global, movimientos antisistémicos y nuevos modelos de la hegemonía"

at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid

25-29 May 2009

Participants: Giovanni Arrighi, Perry Anderson, Beverly Silver, David Harvey, Robert Brenner, Samir Amin, Emir Sader, Walden Bello, Theotonio dos Santos, Marcello de Cecco, Ravi Palat, John Saul, Ho-Fung Hung, Gillian Hart, Lu Aiguo, Ravi Sundaram, Takeshi Hamashita, Amiya Bagchi, Roberto Patricio Korzeniewicz, Luis Sandoval Ramírez, William Martin, Tom Reifer, Siba Grovogui

Organized by the
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía
and the Universidad Nómada

Sponsored by the Fundación por la Europa de los Ciudadanos and CLACSO

Programme for Monday 25 May

Sessions 1 and 2: 10.00-12.00, 12.30-14.30

'Dynamics of the global crisis, antisystemic movements and new models of hegemony: Insights from the work of Giovanni Arrighi'
[Dinámica de la crisis global, movimientos antisistémicos y nuevos modelos de hegemonía: reflexiones en torno del trabajo de Giovanni Arrighi]

Opening remarks by Manolo Borja, Director of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia

Contributions from Samir Amin, Perry Anderson, Robert Brenner, Ho-Fung Hung

Session 3: 17.00-19.30

'The global financial system from Bretton Woods to the present crisis, and the search for equitable and sustainable alternatives'
[El sistema financiero global de Bretton Woods a la crisis actual y la búsqueda de alternativas equitativas y sostenibles]

Contributions from Amiya Bagchi, Marcello de Cecco

Programme for Tuesday 26 May

Session 1: 10.00-12.00

'The financial and military foundations of global power relations'
[Los fundamentos financieros y militares de las relaciones de poder globales]

Contributions from Ravi Arvind Palat, Tom Reifer

Session 2: 12.30-14.30

'Elite hegemonic projects and the strategies of anti-systemic movements'
[Proyectos hegemónicos de elite y estrategias de los movimientos antisistémicos]

Contributions from Gillian Hart, William Martin, Ravi Sundaram

Session 3: 17.00-19.30

'Impact of the present crisis on global inequalities, and development strategies for emerging economies'
[El impacto de la crisis actual sobre la desigualdad global y las estrategias de desarrollo de las economías emergentes]

Contributions from Roberto Patricio Korzeniewicz, Carlos Eduardo Martins, Luis Sandoval Ramírez

Programme for Wednesday 27 May

Session 1: 10.00-12.00

'Implications of pre-colonial structures for future alternative developmental paths'
[Implicaciones de las estructuras sociales precoloniales para las futuras sendas alternativas de desarrollo]

Contributions from Siba Grovogui, Takeshi Hamashita, Ravi Arvind Palat

Session 2: 12.30-14.30

'Regional perspectives: Europe and North America'
[Perspectivas regionales: Europa y Norteamérica]

Contributions from Perry Anderson, Marcello de Cecco, Robert Brenner

Session 3: 17.00-19.30

'Regional perspectives: Latin America'
[Perspectivas regionales: América Latina]

Contributions from Luis Sandoval Ramírez, Carlos Eduardo Martins, Roberto Patricio Korzeniewicz

Programme for Thursday 28 May

Session 1: 10.00-12.00

'Regional perspectives: Africa'
[Perspectivas regionales: África]

Contributions from Siba Grovogui, Gillian Hart, William Martin, John Saul

Session 2: 12.30-14.30

'Regional perspectives: Asia'
[Perspectivas regionales: Asia]

Contributions from Ho-Fung Hung, Lu Aiguo, Ravi Sundaram

Session 3: 17.00-19.30

'South-South Relations: is a new Bandung possible?'
[Relaciones Sur-Sur: ¿es posible una nueva Bandung?]

Contributions from Samir Amin, Amiya Kumar Bagchi, Walden Bello, Emir Sader

Programme for Friday 29 May

Final all-day session:


Round table

General discussion